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The Empress Tremolo Plugin is a digital re-creation of the Empress Tremolo Pedal. We’ve packed all the features from the pedal and added some bonus features that you’re going to fall in love with.

New Extras

Accurate Sync
The Plugin is able to sync to your Digital Audio Workstation. This means you can play through the whole song and don’t have to worry about your Tremolo going out of time. It will sync up at the DAW tempo, 1/2x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and 6x the DAW tempo.
This feature goes hand in hand with the sync feature. You’re able to adjust the phase of the Tremolo’s waveform, this way you can have always pulsing on the beat, or on the off-beat, or slightly before the beat, slightly after the beat…. you get the idea. Check out the video to see how cool this is.
Stereo Operation
The plugin works in Stereo!! There are four stereo modes :
  • Linked: in this setting the Left and Right channels pulse together.
  • Ping-Pong: in this setting the Left and Right channels are opposite - i.e. When the left channel is loud the right channel is quiet. This allows the Tremolo to work extremely well as an auto-panner.
  • Left follows Right : In this setting the waveform shape of the left channel is slightly delayed relative to the right waveform.
  • Right follows Left: In this setting the waveform shape of the right channel is slightly delayed relative to the left waveform.
  • The Stereo modes allow the plugin to act like an autopanner on steroids!
Use it anywhere
Not just for the guitar anymore! Check out what it will do on drums and singers in these video examples.
Use it everywhere
The obvious advantage with plug-ins is you can use them on multiple tracks.
Now you can automate all the parameters and control them in real-time with your DAW.

Common Features

Pristine Sound
The Empress Tremolo has to be heard to be believed. It's whisper quiet and free from the "LFO throb" usually associated with tremolos. We dare anyone to find a better sounding tremolo.
Waveform Selection
You can modulate your sound with three different waveforms. An asymmetrical tremolo was modeled after a '65 Fender Vibrolux (brown face) to give you the fullest tremolo sound possible. A square wave can be utilized if you're after a harder sound. And if you're looking for a more normal tremolo, you can use the triangle wave setting.
Tap Tempo
The Empress Trem averages your last four taps so it plays in sync with your music. You can also choose different tap to tremolo rate ratios. 1:1, 1:2, and 1:4 are available.
Two-Speed Mode
An exclusive feature to the Empress Trem. You're able to set two different rates, and switch between them using the tap tempo stompswitch. This is similar to playing through a Leslie cabinet and changing the speed.
Another exclusive feature. The Empress Trem will definitely do your run-of-the-mill tremolo sound to a tee. But you can also set it to play different rhythms.
A problem with most tremolos on the market is that when they're engaged, you hear a noticeable drop in volume. The Empress Trem solves this by having a gain stage on the output. It's able to deliver up to 6dB of gain to the signal.
Try it

Download the Demo

Download the Empress Tremolo v1.00 to try it out. This is a demo version and saving settings is disabled. Please also read the user manual for installation and use.

To purchase a registration code go to

Download Setup

Empress Tremolo Plugin - PC - VST

Filename: empress_tremolo(pc-vst)(v-1.00).exe

Filesize: 1,3 MBytes

Date added: 01.02.2009

Download Setup

Empress Tremolo Plugin - MAC - VST

Filename: empress_tremolo(mac-vst)(v-1.002).dmg

Filesize: 4,1 MBytes

Date added: 03.30.2009

Download Setup

Empress Tremolo Plugin - MAC - AU

Filename: empress_tremolo(mac-au)(v-1.002).dmg

Filesize: 4,1 MBytes

Date added: 03.30.2009

Download User Manual

User Manual

Filename: usermanual.pdf

Filesize: 60 KBytes

Date added: 01.02.2009

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Hear it

You can hear the plugin on Youtube® , just follow this link.


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